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Kent Sheds is a new initiative that looks to establish a number of Shed projects across Kent

Kent Sheds has been established for 2 years, and we currently have 27 sheds across the county of Kent.

A Shed provides the opportunities for men to participate in practical group activities such as engineering projects, woodworking or gardening. Where they can share and learn new skills, and by working together ‘shoulder to shoulder’ support one another.

A Shed is a network of relationships between the Shedders, coming together to work alongside each other, sharing skills and developing friendships.

Kent Sheds is inviting groups and organisations who would like to establish a ‘Shed’ to affiliate to the Kent Sheds programme. By joining the programme we will help your group develop and establish your Shed idea, ensuring it meets the ethos of Men in Sheds and provides a safe and welcoming facility for men to meet and work.

The programme also offers financial assistance to help you establish your Shed, purchase materials and equipment, promote the project and support running costs.

Men and Ex-Services Working Shoulder to Shoulder